Saturday, November 19, 2011

how you see yourself as a student

As a student, I was really lucky because had given a chance to further my studies.
 My goals after this is to a brilliant student as much as I can.
 Eventhough I did not interested of the course im taking now.
 Im still give my best in it when im thinking about my parents. 
They are the one who give me the courage to live my life the next.

Besides, I have change now, from a lazy student who did the last minutes work, I manage to finish it early before the deadline. J 
everynight I will revise the subject I have learnt on that day.
 In that way, it makes my life as a student more easier. 
In addition, I will be a better person for my parents and make them proud of me when I have successful in life one day.
 Although in student life, I have to confront with many obstacles during our studies. I believe, with the effort I will become a more better person in the future.

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