Saturday, November 19, 2011

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As usual madam entered our class with a smile.
She sit on the chair and ready for the speaks corner.
The speaks corner have inform a week before.
So she just calling our name and the speak corner will present their story.
On that day, we have 6 presenter include me.
I was quite death to scared.
I was not ready and not confident with my topic.
this speaking corners has 10marks on it.
it will effect on my marks at the end of the semester.
I have been thinking for a week what topic I want to present.
So, at the morning on that day, I have decided to story about my experience when I went to kem terendak Melaka for an interview as cadet officer.
The reason why I choose my own experience because I think that was some kind of event. 
There I meet officers from TDM, TUDM, TLD and the owner of the UPNM. 
Before madam call my name. my friends in the class teased me and that makes me more nervous but I didn’t show it on my face. HAHA !
when my turns come I get up from my sit and go infront.
all my friends give me a big clap.
 then I started my story. 
Although it wasn’t good enough, because i did not story all part that i want to
i skipped many part of my story just because i am nervous to death.
 but, I manage to do it on that day.
we really enjoy in class on that day because all the speak corners make the class more cheerful by teasing one another.
after all the speakers have done their task, madam proceed the class by teach us on how to write an essay.
she asking us to make a proper essay by inserted a thesis statement, topic sentence and so on.
it will make our essay becomes more better. 


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