Saturday, November 19, 2011

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For the first time I attended my English class for second trimester,
I felt that it was quite boring.
It is because of the situation which includes the new beginning of the semester 2.
The new beginning of making new friends and all new lecturers that will be going to teach me for whole semester 2.
 My first English class was my first time to get to know Madam Ummi Kalsom.
 Before this I met her while I am taking my mock MUET at semester 1. 
My first impression, I think Madam Ummi was a very strict person. 
She rarely talks in Malay in her class. 
That makes us felt awkward to speak in Malay with her in class. 
That makes us to try speaking in English as we can, but sometimes we can not tell the words in English so we just talked to Madam Ummi in Malay.
 When she enters the class, she bought a box. 
There is our book that she orders for us in the box. 
We use those books for this semester. 
When she was giving the books to other students that order to her, she notice that the books was quite a lot. Actually they did not take the books because they want to photocopy the book.
 They think that it is cheaper than bought the original book. 
Then she reminds us about how she hard she has been through to bought the books for us from kuantan. Thankgodness I did not order the book. 
Although I will felt uneasy about that.
 The first topic she said in our first class was about blog. 
She asked us to make our own blog for our assignment. 
Then she reminds us something that gives benefits to me. 
After a few hours, Madam Ummi dismisses the class.


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