Saturday, November 19, 2011

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It shocked me.
 I was informed that the MUET test was in two weeks time.
 ONLY. Oh, God! I realized that I haven’t prepared anything for the exam because at first, I was informed by the administrative that our MUET exam would be held next year during my third trimester. 
Although all of my friends were scared and nervous to face the MUET, they still don’t have the intention to prepare for the exam.
 Madam Ummi reminded us the important points that we should applied during our speaking MUET exam. Madam asked us to practice doing MUET in the class at that time. Only 8 lucky person was chosen for the practice.
 I was really relieved because I am not one of the lucky person. HAHA! 
The first group was really good. 
The group members was really fluent and they got many points.
Madam Ummi also satisfied with their performance
The first group consist of Ara and his friends.
But unfortunantely, the second group didn't worked very well.
they didn't act seriously while doing the discussion.
Madam Ummi just comment that they should not doing that in the real speaking MUET.
Talking about MUET, I remembered the mock MUET I’ve done when I was studying English in my first trimester. 
I remembered how I get to become candidate A, how the speaking exam actually took place in the real MUET.
 My friend told me that being candidate A, I must be able to start the discussion and try to make the conclusion before the time provided ends.
Oh, how much I hope that I won’t be candidate A for my MUET. 


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